Max & Initial Supply

Max Supply


Max supply

180 000 000

Weekly emissions

2 600 000

Weekly decay


Dev allocation


Emissions for LP


Initial Supply

veHRA Protocol Airdrop

We have allocated 20% of the initial supply for airdrops to protocols that show their willingness to engage with our liquidity layer. During the evaluation process, we considered various factors such as committed TVL, trade volumes, and product quality. We will update the list of protocols receiving the airdrop once it is finalized.

veHRA Airdrop for Users

10% of the initial supply will be distributed to regular users of existing Arbitrum One protocols and those new to the chain through Horiza. Users will be choosing based on behaviors that promote the long-term stability of said protocols, such as: locking, stacking, holding, participating in governance, and continuing to support despite the challenges faced.

Ecosystem Grant

30% of the initial supply was dedicated to a specific fund that will be used to support a wide range of projects that aim to accelerate the growth of Horiza. These grants can go towards incentivizing lockups, LPs, and shortlisted projects to receive significant backing from the core team (smart contract development, marketing, business development, etc.).


20% of the initial supply has been distributed to the team to engage them in the long term success of Horiza. The team allocation is balanced between veHRA and $HRA vested tokens.

The core team members will have their interests align with Horiza by receiving a percentage of the initial supply in the form of voted escrow tokens. This allocation allows team members to participate in the upside of the protocol while having a long-term oriented position.

First, core team members will vote for core pair gauges at Horiza's inception in order to achieve the goal of deep liquidity and extremely low slippage for high volume pairs that are not backed by bribing entities. These will include $ARB, $BTC, $ETH and $HRA denominated pairs. Second, this initial allocation ensures that the core team has enough initial control over the protocol to achieve the original vision of Horiza.

To add an extra degree of protection and prevent team members from behaving maliciously, the initial veHRA team allocation will be kept under Horiza’s multisig. Additionally, since the veHRA holders are entitled to the protocol revenue through bribes and fees, we choose to balance the team allocation with vested $HRA tokens. Thus, we encourage a fair distribution of revenue among the stakeholders.

Team allocation balance between $HRAand veHRA:

  • 80% as veHRA locked for 2 years

  • 20% as $HRAvested 2 years vested linearly

veHRA Airdrop for hraNFT Minters

10% of the initial supply will be sold to users to provide POL during the protocol launch phase.

Initial Liquidity Providers

5% of the initial supply have been paired with $USDC, $ETH, and other bluechip tokens to provide enough liquidity at launch.


5% of the initial supply will be distributed to Horiza advisors who help make Horiza what it is now.

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