Emissions Schedule

The ve(3,3) dynamics align all the main stakeholders of a typical AMM, namely holders, LPs, users, and protocols. These dynamics determine the $oHRA emissions. veHRA holders are incentivized to vote for the highest volume pools, the ones being bribed by protocols seeking to bootstrap their liquidity, or the pools that have a large amount of autobribes. This is because the greater the volume, the more fees are produced, which allows protocols to create their own flywheel, if the token generates a strong volume. Liquidity Providers (LPs) are incentivized with emissions based on "Real Yield" metrics. These metrics drive the liquidity provided by LPs. Traders benefit from the low slippage thanks to the liquidity provided by LPs, in conjunction with the latest and greatest vAMM/sAMM technology that has been battle-tested. Protocols have access to a cooperation-oriented liquidity layer. They benefit from capital-efficient trading conditions for their tokens and can incentivize their liquidity via bribes offered to holders.

Emissions specifications

  • Weekly emissions (at inception): 2,600,000 $oHRA

  • Weekly emissions decay: 2%

  • Weekly team wallet allocation: 2.5%

  • Emissions for liquidity providers: 97.5%

Note: There is no rebase for veHRA holders, to avoid further voting dilution due to the re-engineering $oHRA token

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